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Food for thought

Every human being has problems and dramas. We can’t compare 2 people with the same problem or even different problem. One problem may seem fine for somebody but it is not for somebody else because we all have different experiences in life and we all have different bodies and mind: We’re all different.

— Blandine Grimaldi

DTBD Productions is a film production company not afraid to be different, with the purpose to change the industry for the better.
We use filmmaking to help communities and their minorities around the world.

A Foot In the Door
Check out how we are changing the vision people have of careers in the film & TV industry and how we can help you get your "foot in the door"
Film Productions
We don't use people to make movies, we make movies to help people. Check out our movies, their stage of production and how you can get involved.
Blandine Grimaldi
This is the place to check out the DTBD Productions creator's career. Check out all services she has on offer (screenplays, photography)
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For people who have attended the Foot in the door workshop.